How it will be to ride in a driverless taxi?

How are we gonna hail them, this is the first thought that came to my head. Yeah I know we can book them online. Can we sit comfortably without any worries in self-driving vehicles or driverless vehicles? Can we hand our security to technology? Well, we hesitate to do so because we humans fear the side effects of new technology. It can subsist of anything like hardware and software malfunctions and hacking etc. In the studies, last year it was found that 71% people are afraid to ride in a fully self-driving vehicle. It is called technophobia. Adequately, as humans, we create, grow and learn to adapt to things.

We are studying self-driving for centuries. In 1939, Northman Bel Geddes gave us the 1st self-driving car model at the General Motors exhibit. It was just a model. But in 1958 he came up with the real self-driving car. It was an electric vehicle guided by radio-controlled electromagnetic fields and operated from magnetized metal spikes embedded in the roadway.

The radio-operated automobile, Linrrican wonder.

In the 2000s many major companies began throwing their hat in the ring with self-driving technology, but true autonomy proved to be more difficult to achieve than originally thought, and many of these companies eventually ended their operations. Above them, Mercedes Benz has become the first automotive company in the world to meet the requirements for a level 3 autonomous driving system. Though, it is not fully automated.

THE MERCEDES-BENZ F 015 self-driving car.

Level 5 is a fully automated self-driving vehicle, but no one has reached this level yet. There are several companies in the queue to make a level 5 autonomous driving system.

Politely, coming to the headline of the blog “How it will be to ride in an autonomous vehicle?” The answer is “We don’t know” because many self-driving cars are in the research phase, development phase and some are in the test phase, but fully operated cars are not functional on streets.

The upcoming Level 5 autonomous vehicle by ZOOX.

Still, humans are not so far from the victory of self-driving cars. We will be in the self-driving era soon.

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